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Turkish Language Team   Tuana Zerunyan, Deniz Yaylim  at Marmara

Turkish Language Team

Canan Özgün, Meral Soğuksu, Tuana Zerunyan at Hisar


Merhaba, As the Turkish team, we would like to introduce ourselves to you.

Hisar Campus Turkish Language A

Ms.Meral Soğuksu will be teaching EY5‐Grade 1.

Mrs. Tuana Zerunyan will be teaching Grade 2‐Grade 3.

Turkish Language B

Ms. Canan Özgün will be teaching EY5‐Grade 3.


Marmara Campus Turkish Language A

Mrs. Tuana Zerunyan will be teaching Grade 2‐Grade 6.

Turkish Language B

Mrs. Deniz Yaylım will be teaching EY5‐Grade 6.

Turkish classes are divided into two groups, Turkish language A and Turkish  language B. Both programs delve into various aspects of Turkish culture.  However, Turkish language A students are those who have a higher level of  fluency, which is why the language aspect of this program will focus on further  improving reading and writing skills.

Turkish language B students will develop their speaking skills enabling them to  communicate more efficiently in their host country.  Students will be divided into groups according to an oral assessment during the  first weeks of the school year. As the Language team we look forward to a wonderful year together.

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Mrs. Zerunyan

My name is Tuana Zerunyan. It is a pleasure for me to have the chance to teach your child this year. I was born in Turkey, but raised in Belgium...

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