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My name is Cendrine Mansat.

I initially started my teaching career in France, working with pupils who suffered from psychological problems such as personality disorders. As a first post, this was an opportunity to really extend my teaching skills as the pupils I taught had difficulties accessing learning due to their needs.

I took up my second post in America where I was extremely proud to become the first teacher, in the whole of South Carolina, to introduce the concept of a French Immersion Program. At the time of my employment this was seen as a revolutionary change as it had not been attempted before. I successfully delivered the Numeracy and Science curriculum completely in French, which demanded a creative approach so that pupils were able to access both the French and Science content. In addition, to teaching French as a language, I thought it was important that pupils also developed an awareness of the French culture as to add further substance to the their learning.

Then for seven years, I taught French in a British school. Whilst there I introduced the Foreign Language Program to ensure that pupils gained secure language skills and could therefore communicate effectively in another language. I offered pupil’s works on the principle of integrating cross-curricular links whilst also incorporating the core subjects.

As well as teaching French, I also had a role as an ‘International Coordinator’ where I had been leading and promoting International mindedness. My role had led to our school establishing links with schools in both Reunion Island and Pakistan where the pupils had opportunities to communicate in French weekly with their `virtual classmates` from Reunion Island. Our initial work with our Pakistan link led to me devising curriculum-based projects, which we carried out in partnership between the schools.

My exposure to such diverse roles has allowed me to continually develop in my own practice. It is my own ongoing learning journey, which has led me to work for an IB school. I had sincerely welcomed the opportunity to continue my career at IICS where I can combine my three passions: teaching, working in an international environment and sharing my culture and language.

I am so exited to start my second year of teaching in IICS. This year, as part of the  growing Language Department, I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue to instil the love of learning languages to all my students…

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